Outlook 2007 Split PST File into Small Sections with Archive PST File

As Microsoft Outlook developers concerned to the size issues that Outlook 2003 or Outlook 2002 users were facing upgraded Outlook 2007 PST file size to UNICODE from ANSI PST file. But as said human needs can never be fulfilled, this upgraded PST file size becomes a problematic factor as large PST file size is more difficult to manage and handle. That is why you need Outlook 2007 split PST file software to split Outlook 2007 split large PST file into various smaller parts. PCVITA also tried there hands to create a ms outlook 2007 split PST file software can :

  • Split any size of larger PST file into any number of smaller PST file size
  • MS Outlook 2007 split PST file by year, date and size options for large PST files
  • Outlook 2003 Split archive PST files with Outlook split 2007 large PST file
  • You can upgrade Outlook 2003 PST file from ANSI to UNICODE PST.

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The prolonged usage of Outlook 2007 PST file the size grows to an extent where it becomes difficult to manage the PST size and you have to invest lot of time and effort to search for a single item. To make all this under control it is better to Outlook 2007 split PST file into smaller parts and manages it more easily and superbly. You will also get a change to upgrade the size of PST file in Outlook 2003 to UNICODE PST file so there will be no need to Outlook 2003 split archive PST file as well. You can MS Outlook 2007 split PST file into multiple parts with option like split PST file based on year, date and size.

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